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Crittenden Wines


Our family farm is where the winemaking happens too. We’ve created a purpose built winery at the home vineyard, bringing together winemaking operations and the cellar door. 


Rollo, Garry and Matt employ exciting new equipment to continually improve wine quality. Conveyor Belts, gravity as well as oak fermenters ensure the delicate tannin profile of all our Pinots are maintained. Our large cool-room is perfect for retaining aromatics in the Chardonnay ferments, and the ability to divide our barrel store into three separate sections ensures ideal maturation conditions are sustained year round.

The best of winemaking traditions remain alongside advances in equipment. Our red wine ferments are still plunged by hand (and in many instances by foot!) as has been done in the great houses of Burgundy for hundreds of years. We believe a combination of a modern and well-equipped winery, with a firm understanding of the age old art of winemaking allows us to continually improve all of our wines, vintage after vintage.