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Grumpy Pinot Noir

Garry's 2022 "Grumpy" Pinot Noir has now sold out and we apologise to anyone who missed his latest deft-handed release. The upcoming 2023 will be announced via email to members and newsletter subscribers.
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From Garry Crittenden -

Imagine my surprise and delight when, at the family gathering on last Christmas morning, I opened the small gift handed to me by my grandson, ten-year-old Digby, to reveal an amazing oil on canvas portrait of me which he had recently finished. I was overwhelmed with pride to think he would even care to paint his ancient GRANDPA. But such are the joys of grandchildren. 

There is a generalisation among the elderly that you should take any grandparents praise of their offspring with a grain of salt, being, as they are, a little close to the action to be altogether objective. 

Well, I’m having none of that………. Digby you’ve got talent, and heaps of it!  

Not only does his portrait capture a good likeness but more remarkably it penetrates the façade to reveal an astonishing insight into the soul of this common man. It illustrates a perpetual hint of mania in the eyes, recognised by some but not all. Of course, there is my now acknowledged Prosopagnosia; and the eyes have it, with Digby as a witness. At least when I look in the mirror shaving, I can generally recognise the person before me. That said if I pass you in the street and when you greet me warmly and I look at you blankly you’ll know why. 

The said framed portrait will be on display in the Wine Centre whilst the wine is still available. 

And by now those of you with an interest in such things should have twigged what this 2022 Pinot is all about, and you won’t be disappointed!  

Garry Crittenden 

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Grumpy Pinot Noir


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