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Zoe Crittenden
18 October 2021 | Zoe Crittenden


On Friday October 15th, at a virtual ceremony for the 2021 Drink Easy Awards, our Cri de Coeur 2016 Savagnin was announced overall winner and Best Drink in Australia. 

"We were absolutely delighted and a little bit stunned to be the recipients of this award. What made this award even more humbling was the fact that the competition spans all beverage genres – from non-alcoholic through to spirits and everything in between. The team at Crittenden would like to thank everyone who has supported us on this crazy journey in producing such a challenging and obscure wine style and in particular to acknowledge the Drink Easy team for championing emerging drinks of all makes and models which may not have a home in conventional circles."

Rollo Crittenden, on behalf of everyone at Crittenden Estate. 

For a short four minute video showing the presentation of the award click the following:



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