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Zoe Crittenden
7 December 2023 | Zoe Crittenden

Crittenden Makes Top 15 in James Suckling's Top 100 Australian Wines

The 2018 Cri de Coeur Savagnin Sous Voile has achieved 15th place in James Suckling's Top 100 Australian Wines for 2023.


The James Suckling Top 100 Australian Wines for 2023 are here and the 2018 Crittenden Cri de Coeur Savagnin Sous Voile has achieved 15th place in an impressive list of brilliant Australian wines.

You can see the full list of wines online here, and read the full review for the Cri de Coeur Savagnin below.

2018 Crittenden Cri de Coeur Savangnin Sous Voile, Top 100 Wines - 15th Place
"An absolutely brilliant wine, year in and out, at least since its inception six years ago. There is no other wine like it in the New World and superior it is, in fact, to many whence it was inspired in the Jura. Full-weighted by virtue of the surface yeasts, or voile, under which the wine was aged. Untopped in oak for four years. Scintillating aromas of curry powder, chamomile, Japanese pickled radish, washed rind cheese, preserved Moroccan lemon and salted nuts. Intense. Yet so compelling. This is only the superficial layer. Beneath, orange pekoe, ginger and cardamon. A wine for nerds, perhaps. But if you like the Jura or great sherry, this is a wine that will blow your mind. A thrill ride for the versatile table. Drink or hold ... for a long time."
97 Points  |  Ned Goodwin, 5 December 2023


The 2018 Crittenden Cri de Coeur Savagnin Sous Voile is made in small batches every year and thus we have very limited availability. If you'd like to order it to discover what makes this wine so distinct, please get in touch with our team at the Wine Centre by email or phone 03 5987 3000.

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Zoe Crittenden
23 November 2023 | Zoe Crittenden

Wine News & Reviews, November 2023

The Cri de Coeur wines have acheived high scores and glowing reviews yet again. This time from the Wine Pilot's Shanteh Wale.

2021 Crittenden Cri de Coeur Chardonnay

Indigenous yeasts, whole bunch pressing and matured on gross lees in new and used French barriques with half going through malolactic fermentation. Yellow peach, lemon oil and cultured butter. Baked madeleines and shortcrust pastry. This wine, like all of Crittenden wines, has a deep well of flavour. The further down you peer the more the wine reveals. There is cracked marble, grated nutmeg and glace ginger and all the components work gracefully together like a harmonious symphony. This is for the true Chardonnay lovers, the loyalists that love the grape for its flesh, its longevity and for echoing sounds of nut brittle, camomile and peppery olive oil. This is so succinct and present. Drink with Dover Sole a la Meunière and bathe in bliss.

98 Points | Reviewed by Shanteh Wale on Wine Pilot.

2021 Crittenden Cri de Coeur Pinot Noir

This wine has been made at Crittenden for as long as I have been on this earth and it displays its earthy wisdom far far better than I do. Clonal separation, micro-fermentation and whole cluster vary between 20%-70% depending on the batch. 11 months maturation in new and seasoned oak barriques before the wine slumbers for 18 months in bottle. That resting time results in a potpourri of delicate rose buds, violets and angelica. Ripe hawthorn, redcurrants and rambutans. A forest floor of autumn leaves and nutmeg. The palate has a succulence with ripe stalky tannins, the pureness of red berries shining through with each sip. The caress of careful winemaking, vine age and clonal diversity means this wine is drinking superbly now and will cellar like a dream upwards of 8-10 years. Drink with Quail and roasted root vegetables.

96 Points | Reviewed by Shanteh Wale on Wine Pilot.

2018 Crittenden Cri de Coeur Savagnin Sous Voile

The sixth release of, what was at first, a mistake that evolved to an experiment to what is now one of Australia’s most celebrated, coveted and most delicious wines period. Absolutely impossible not to swoon and fall head over heels with the aromas that waft from the glass in this flor aged Savagnin. The 2018 aged under flor for 4 years and another year in bottle prior to release. Paraffin oil, yellow jasmine and preserved lemon. Crème brulée, roasted pine nuts and candied kumquat. The wine is energetic on the palate with a hint of Picholine olive brine salinity and a savoury Chanterelle mushroom finish. It’s utterly superb. For all of you that don’t love this style of wine I say, “Thank goodness, there isn’t enough to go around anyway”. A hard wine to pair, for the reason the cooking needs to be of elite level. Go with classic Comté cheese or if a chef is at the helm, roast spatchcock with a chanterelle and morel mushroom sauce. Next level yum.

98 Points | Reviewed by Shanteh Wale on Wine Pilot.


Crittenden Cri de Coeur Macvin #4

It’s total indulgence to make Macvin when your Savagnin Sous Voile is in such high demand and so is the experience of tasting it. Unmitigated indulgence. The 2018 Savagnin flor wine is blended with the fresh 2022 juice and then fortified to 17%. To finish a meal, this is as close as it gets to losing yourself into the glass, forgetting where you are, who you are with and floating away on a vinous cloud to beverage heaven. Well it is for me. Pineapple jam, baked quince pie, dried orange and kombucha. Grated candlenut, swaying kelp and shards of hazelnut brittle. Popped mustard seeds, honeysuckle and a palate of baked parsnips, lemon curd and fresh guava. I could go on and on. This is world class Macvin and a celebration of wine. Drink on its own or with homemade bitter honeycomb and ice cream.

97 Points | Reviewed by Shanteh Wale on Wine Pilot.

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Zoe Crittenden
23 November 2023 | Zoe Crittenden

Trophy Win For Pinot Gris

2023 Crittenden Peninsula Pinot Gris Trophy


The 2023 Crittenden Peninsula Pinot Gris won the Mornington Peninsula's Trophy for Best Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio for the third year in a row.

The Mornington Peninsula Wine Show was held on 27 October 2023 and it was a wonderful surprise to discover we had won the trophy for the Best Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio Trophy for the third time!

At this year's show, the wine scored Top Gold with 95 points.

Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio is very much at home on the Mornington Peninsula and we couldn't be happier to be able to secure this trophy once again with the Crittenden Peninsula Pinot Gris.

We will be releasing the 2023 Peninsula Pinot Gris in January 2024, but you can still access the trophy winning 2022 Peninsula Pinot Gris at the Wine Centre or online here.


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Zoe Crittenden
24 October 2023 | Zoe Crittenden

Grilled Prawns with Pinocchio Rosato


Prawns with Pinocchio Rosato

Summer entertaining could not be easier. Grab an ice cold bottle of Pinocchio Rosato and heat up the BBQ to share freshly grilled prawns to enjoy a sunny weekend afternoon.


Course: Appetiser
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Servings: 4 servings
Author: Adam Liaw for Good Food
Image: William Meppem


2kg rock salt
2 tbsp fennel seeds
1 tbsp black peppercorns
4 sprigs rosemary
4 bay leaves
24 large raw prawns
lemon wedges to serve


1. Mould aluminum foil into a frying pan shape or you can use a large cast iron frying pan

2. Place the foil pan on the BBQ and add the salt, fennel seeds, peppercorns, rosemary and bay leaves

3. Heat the BBQ for 10-15 minutes until very hot and the herbs are fragrant.

4. With tongs, place the prawns into the foil pan and bury them in the hot salt

5. Cook in batches for 5 minutes until cooked through

6. Remove from salt and serve immediately with lemon wedges with a glass of Pinoccho Rosato

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Zoe Crittenden
21 October 2023 | Zoe Crittenden

Crittenden Awarded Top 100 Winery Status

The Halliday Wine Companion has awarded Crittenden a place in their inaugural Top 100 Wineries.

Announced on Saturday morning, 21 October 2023, the Top 100 Wineries of Australia is a new initiative and we are thrilled to be included in the awards for the very first time.

Out of more than 2,000 wineries in Australia, Crittenden achieved sixty-eighth spot. The listing states:

Crittenden Estate can always be relied upon to produce good or excellent wine across the board. It does traditional wine styles as well or better than most. But the wines to really lift it into the clouds are its Cri de Coeur range, all of which excel, most especially the nutty, quixotic, Savagnin that has promptly risen to icon status in the space of just a few years.

Congratulations to all the wineries included in this impressive list and particularly to Oakridge Wines and those included in the top 10.

We know it takes a lot of work, passion and dedication to achieve great wines consistently every year. As editor Campbell Mattinson explained:

"In short, this is a list of producers who know, in their heart and in their head, that consumers don’t owe them a living. This is a list of producers who are prepared to stake their reputation on every single wine they release."

We're grateful, humble and proud of the work we've done to be included in Australia's Top 100 wineries for 2023.

Read more here: Halliday Wine Companion Top 100 Wineries 2023




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