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Zoe Crittenden
29 April 2024 | Zoe Crittenden

Macvin makes the Cellar Talk list - The Real Review


Fortified Beauty....Gabrielle Poy's glowing review of Macvin # 5 

We were delighted to see our yet to be released Cri de Coeur Macvin #5 on The Real Review's exclusive Cellar Talk list. Esteemed Real Review wine writer Gabrielle Poy gave it 96 points and rounded it out by stating: "What a Wine! One that makes you think as well as enjoy" Read full review here





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Zoe Crittenden
8 April 2024 | Zoe Crittenden

Top Wineries of Australia - The Real Review

The Real Review released their Top Wineries of Australia on April 5th and we found ourselves jumping 100 spots to 75! In the context of more than 2,400 wineries across Australia, we're proud and humbled by this result. 

Congratulations to all the fantastic Australian wineries represented in this year's Top Wineries and the three other Mornington Peninsula wineries featured in this year's list.


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Zoe Crittenden
6 March 2024 | Zoe Crittenden

Book an Exquisite Wine & Cheese Experience

Seven premium Crittenden wines matched with seven iconic cheeses from around the world.

Experience an elevated wine and cheese tasting hosted by the knowledgeable team at Crittenden.

Book your preferred time at 11am or 3pm, any day this Autumn from 28 March 2024.

This experience includes exquisite wine and cheese pairings, curated to enhance the aromas, flavours and textures of each cheese and to highlight how selecting particular foods and flavour profiles can elevate your experience of gastronomy.

This 1.5 hour discovery of some of the world's best cheeses with seven of Crittenden's premium wines is just $55 per person or $25 per Wine Alliance Member.

You can also select a take-home bundle of six wines inclusive of the Wine & Cheese Experience for just $275.00, saving you more than $45.00.

Book now to secure a fabulous morning or afternoon with wine and cheeses from as far as the Rhône Valley, North-West Spain and the Swiss Alps.

Find out more here.

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Zoe Crittenden
6 March 2024 | Zoe Crittenden

Wild Women in Business

It was a thrill to win a trophy and runner-up trophy at the inaugural Wild Women in Business Awards on Friday, 1 March 2024.

The Wild Women in Business Awards celebrate the achievements of women in business. Zoe Crittenden and the Wine Centre was shortlisted in the categories of Excellence in Hospitality (Service) and Excellence in Hospitality (Venue).

It was wonderful to win the trophy for the first category and the runner up trophy for our venue, and to be recognise dfor the work and passion the whole team brings to the wine experience at Crittenden.


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Zoe Crittenden
24 January 2024 | Zoe Crittenden

Crittenden's Eccentric Savagnins

Renowned Wine Writer, Huon Hooke shared his thoughts about our savagnin wines online at The Real Review. This is a subscription site, so we have shared some of Huon's key insights below.

To read the full article, go to: Crittenden's Eccentric Savagnins.

Down on the Mornington Peninsula, chardonnay and pinot noir reign supreme. But if you’re a winemaker who wants to set himself apart from everyone else, you probably wouldn’t do it with those grapes. If you’re Rollo Crittenden, of Crittenden Estate at Dromana, you’d choose the relatively obscure grape savagnin, native to France’s Jura region. And you’d make two very eccentric wines from it, also inspired by traditional Jura wines.

They are Crittenden Cri de Coeur Sous Voile Savagnin and Crittenden Macvin.

The first is made the same way as the Jura’s most famous wine, Vin Jaune, which reaches its zenith with Château Chalon. It’s aged in ullaged barrels under a film-forming yeast, much the same as in southern Spain where they make fino sherry and Manzanilla, aged under the ‘flor’ yeast. The difference is that sherry is a fortified wine, Vin Jaune is not.

The second wine is a sweet fortified wine also produced from the savagnin grape, a non-vintage wine aged in oak barrels and blended from several vintages. They call it Macvin, the same name it goes by in the Jura.

While the Sous Voile began as co-winemaker Matt Campbell’s baby, the Macvin is Rollo’s. 

It’s great to sip after dinner or chilled as an aperitif. Macvin No 4 is AUD $95. It goes well with various cheeses including blues, and also sweet pastries.

Read more online at The Real Review.

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“Beautiful spot for wine tasting - and lovely wines. We had an excellent time with Ben who taught us a lot about their wines and made the experience fun. Great value getting the premium wine tasting selection.”

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